Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So much for job security

1221874360973 I have been having a very good school year despite having a rough start at the beginning due to the addition of my two schools in the mountains. I absolutely hated the idea of adding new schools at first but I got used to it after a month or so and found it to not be so bad since the extra schools were so small. Well, now something similar has happened only this time things are really going to change.
In an unexpected turn of events, I had the worst possible news broken to me right after a good day at work. Apparently my company’s lost it’s contract bid with the school district I work with and I will have to be relocated to another school district within the area. From what I understand, my company was underbid by another similar recruiting company and couldn’t keep the contract despite having very positive reviews from my schools. Unfortunately for Japan schools, faculty decisions aren’t made at the school level so even though I fit in well with the students and faculty, the higher-ups saw the bottom line as the best reason to switch.
I don’t consider myself the best teacher ever, or even a memorable teacher, but I got the job done and didn’t rock the boat while keeping everybody on my good side. I know that my company isn’t the greatest but it might be better than the one that is supposed to replace my position. Hopefully their guy will do well there. I don’t feel any real bitterness or resentment to the other company or it’s employee because my position originally replaced a JET’s position anyway, except I came in after a guy resigned on his own.
Why should things change if they work? It really sucks that every thing I worked for will fall apart in another month or so when I have to restart once again from square one. So far I’ve told my girlfriend, one of the English teachers and the secretary at my main school about what’s happened and they were all shocked, especially the people at my school. I don’t think anybody saw this coming, especially my company.
I kind of took my position for granted. I always knew that my position was fragile due to the nature of the contract my company works out with the board of education, but I just figured I’d be at the same schools till I decided to move on. I am fairly certain there is no way to retain my current position as it will be filled by a competing company that has lower salary and benefits compared to mine. So I’ll just have to look forward to my new reassignment and hope for the best.
My company has already lined up four possible local schools to move me to. Unfortunately none of the offerings seem as appealing as my original setup. The best deal they can make is a set of three elementary schools fairly close to my apartment. I’ll probably end up choosing that option, but it’s not what I would have wanted. Its either that or completely uproot and relocate which is way out of the option since I just moved half a year ago.
I am really sad over all this but somehow I will manage as I always do. Hopefully no other issues will spring up between now and the signing of my new contract. I really hope I get a slight raise or something out of this. But I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. Scott:

    Just remember that God has a plan, while you might not see it now, it will become clear later. Pray that God shows you the right school to choose. Keep your chin up & things will work out. Let me know how things going. Try & find a bible study in your area (google it) Your faithful blog reader, thanks for sharing.

    Love you,