Monday, March 2, 2009

A little something from the graduating students.

V6Q6WM~1 It’s very close to the end of the Japanese school year and I just had my last junior high 3rd grade classes for this year. Last year I really didn’t connect with the 3rd grade students because I started teaching around their second half of the school year. But this year was different because this year’s 3rd graders are last year’s 2nd graders. These were the students I connected with the best and for the most part our relationship didn’t change much over the past year.
My 3rd graders probably liked me so much because I was able to balance studying with practical fun things and open discussion if time allowed for it. They could see I wasn’t bothered by their periodic lack of energy or enthusiasm and appreciated that I didn’t push English onto them as forcefully as other past ALTs may have done to them.
DSC00001So as a token of their appreciation one of my best 3rd grade classes handed me a large cardboard card with personal messages on it from each class member. I was pretty happy to receive it because only homeroom teachers and very special teachers only get these things. I didn’t get one last year but I am very happy to have received one on my last year of teaching at the junior high school level. Of course the other 3rd grade classes probably liked me too but I probably didn’t connect to them as well due to not being able to visit them as much as 3-1’s class.
It will be sad to see my students go, but I’m leaving the school too so its not all that bad I suppose. I think the worst part will be cracking the bad news to my 1st and 2nd graders. I’ve had even more time to bond with those grades and I’m sure it will disappoint a handful of them. Plus, its always a shock to change teachers, especially the English one since everybody has different backgrounds, strengths, and personalities. Hopefully I set a good atmosphere for the next teacher to take my place.
DSC00001 And in other news, I got tired of looking at my green fake leather sofa so Yuko helped me buy a sofa cover online. It ended up being a little irregular in fit but it works fine and makes my place look even better than before. I keep saying I’m finished making home improvements or buying stuff but I couldn’t pass up a sweet online deal for a double coil spring mattress. I can finally toss out my worn out foam folding mattresses and sleep on a proper bed! Although I will put it up in my loft, its still better than what I’ve been sleeping on for the past year or so. Pictures will be posted once it arrives, hopefully by this weekend.

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