Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My last day at Ashiyasu elementary school

DSC07516Almost one year ago I was scared, nervous, and annoyed about adding my new schools in Ashiyasu. I was especially scared and worried about teaching at an elementary school since all my experience up to that point had been at the junior high school level. I wish my past self could see me today, I am sure he would have been relieved to see me standing confident and tall over all my little students at the elementary school.
Starting at Ashiyasu elementary school was a little slow because I had to relearn student names, faces, and how they all worked in class… kind of just like any school. I ended up falling in love with the school, staff, and students, in a non literal sense. I just had a really good time there and got a lot of help from the friendly teachers there and the easy going students. I’m sure the school’s extremely small size helped a lot too.
DSC00010 I had a lot of pictures taken of me on the last day that I wish I could share on my blog but I feel its inappropriate to post pictures of my students without their permission so they’ll just sit in my large external hard drive until I decide to print some of them and file the others for permanent storage.
I will miss both my schools in Ashiyasu and I’m sure they’ll miss me just as well, maybe even more. Now I really have to focus on the next set of schools I’m being assigned to. Hopefully I’ll get comfortable teaching a lot faster than I did at Ashiyasu.
I wonder if this will be my last year before I change careers for something a little more lucrative. Or maybe my new schools may entice me to stay aboard for at least one more year. I hope this next school year is just as enjoyable as the 08-09 one has been. Here's to the future!

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  1. awww....so sweet, I am so proud of you, I wish you could see yourself also now, how far you have come along. Do you want to be a teacher here in the states? Pray about what God would want you to do. How long will you be off from school? Well my love always, & I am so proud of you. Treasure every moment. Love you, Mom