Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New school year

1178059007124 This is technically the start of my third school year in Japan. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and this time I think I have a lot to show for it. For one, my improved Japanese language skill which is the main reason I decided to return to Japan. Oh and game hobby too…
Up till now my teaching experience has been limited to junior high school level and a very small mountainside elementary school. But this time around I’m 100 percent elementary school. Although the teaching approaches are different, a lot of the behind the scenes stuff remains the same. The most valuable thing I picked up from working at my others schools was how to work with the faculty and make sure everybody is happy with what I’m doing. I think my Japanese communication skill has a lot to do with that. And for that I am incredibly grateful.
This school year I was assigned to just two elementary schools, which happen to be fairly close to my current residence. These new schools are located in the richest town in my city. Because my schools are located in the richest town, they also get the best treatment compared to most Japanese schools. My new schools are about 4 years old and very modern compared to the typical drab, dank, dark, and visually unappealing traditional Japanese public school buildings.
My new schools are not as big as I was told but they are still bigger in size compared to my last couple of schools. The real downside of the transfer is that my workday extended its self from ending around 2 in the afternoon to now ending around 5pm. Since 90 percent of elementary school teachers have a very limited to non existent handle on the Enlgish language, I am forced to plan with the teachers in Japanese. I could see how other teachers like me who can’t speak Japanese would get burnt out quickly. Yay for 4 years of Japanese at SDSU.
Depending on how well received I am at my new schools, if I can pass the 2nd level Japanese national exam, and other unfinished things in my life, this may be my last school year as an ALT in Japan. This doesn’t mean that I would immediately move back to the US though. I may move to a different field of work within Japan if a reasonable offer presents its self in the electronics, game software, or media fields doing some kind of translation work.
I’ll upload some pictures of my new schools soon. I keep forgetting my camera, so for now you’ll have to wait till I take a picture.

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  1. I'm really happy for you Scott! Just be obedient to God, and He will guide you to the perfect place!

    Much love,