Monday, May 18, 2009

Things are back to normal again.

ren cropped Its been almost a month since I started working at my new schools. I wasn’t all that happy with having to change schools completely but I think its one of the better things that has happened so far.
Teaching elementary classes are a little tiring because I have to move about more and be more animated in order to keep the kids focused and interested. Planning and preparation for my classes isn’t as bad as I expected. I think I spend less time thinking about what I’m going to do but I spend more time making props and games.
The kids at both my schools are really cooperative and are happy to have me in their classes. Elementary school classes are very different from the quieter, more reserved junior high school students I used to work with. The only thing that I still don’t really like about my new assignments is that I am at school later than I’d like to be but at least I can spend some of my free time studying Japanese.
DSC00002 In other news I bought some more cheap shirts from Uni-Qlo for about 500-900 yen each. I really like my Goonies and Domino’s Pizza Noid, shirts. I want to wear my Sonic the Hedgehog shirt out in public, but it seems a little too childish so I’ll probably keep that one for indoor use mostly… at least till I move back to America.
DSC00004 I’m not really looking forward to my birthday this year. I’m creeping closer and closer toward 30 years old. I’ll turn 28 on the 23rd of this month. That’s this Saturday. I’d prefer to be in my early 20s again back in college screwing around but I guess I should be happy I still get summer breaks working as a teacher in Japan. I can’t wait for July to come around. I really want my month of summer vacation!

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