Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland with Yuko

DSC00015This entry is about two weeks old but late is better than never! We decided to visit Disneyland on a whim and everything fell in place perfectly for the most part. We got our tickets about 500 yen cheaper than gate price, we took the highway instead of a bus, and we brought our own  food instead of spending money at park restaurants. This trip to Disneyland was an economy trip and I think we made the best of it.
DSC00006 It my second time driving through Japan’s highway system. Ever since the government lowered the price of certain sections of highway to 1000 yen on weekends, travel has become a lot easier and very affordable. Travel time goes by so much faster in a car. I really hate sitting in a train idly for hours on end looking at the scenery go by. I am more hands-on and enjoy having some control over where I go. Plus, making side trips and having more freedom to plan or change plans is great.
DSC00010 It was raining on and off all week prior to our day at Disneyland. We took a chance that the weather would hold up and it did. It actually was sunny all day and we got some bad sunburns on our bare legs and arms waiting in the extra long lines that Tokyo Disneyland is well known for. Speaking of lines, it took almost 2 1/2 hours just to wait in line for Splash Mountain, and a whopping 4 hours for the newest Monster’s INC. ride (which we didn’t even attempt waiting in.) We could only manage one Fast Pass ticket because the park was so crowded. Fast Pass tickets were completely sold-out by 11am! Despite all the crowding, we rode all the other rides except for that Monster’s INC ride at least once and hit my favorite, the Haunted Mansion twice.
DSC00045 I have been to Tokyo Disney before but it wasn’t as fun or as interesting the first time around. The only real difference between my first and second time is that the first time had the Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween theme going on. I posted plenty of pictures of that earlier on the blog if you want to check them out.
Since we planned out such a frugal day at Disneyland we managed to buy a couple souvenirs and even a sepia photo shoot of us dressed up as cowboys. I came out pretty good in the picture but Yuko… she wasn’t as happy about how she turned out in the picture. Maybe if there’s a next time, we’ll try harder with the costumes we choose or the pose we make. For one, I think she could have chosen a better hat. I still have yet to find a frame for the picture. It’s a non-standard large size that is neither A4 or in between. I may end up cutting it a little bit to fit it into a smaller frame.
DSC00032 Hopefully we’ll be able to have a couple more driving trips over summer break. I really like driving around Japan with Yuko.

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