Monday, September 21, 2009

Costco in Japan.

DSC00002 Sorry for the month long lapse between posts here. I keep forgetting to write about stuff I do here. I even have about half a gigabyte of unsorted pictures I need to decide on putting up here.
I finally got my own Costco at the Costco in Iruma, Japan which is on the outskirts of Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours to get there by highway but could be much faster if Japan had a decent speed limit. I’ve been wanting my own membership card for over a year ever since I found out there were a few Costcos in my general area.
DSC00025The membership card is 4000 yen ($40) and like all other Costco cards, can be used at any Costco in the world. The interior and exterior of Japanese Costcos are identical to their American counterparts minus the huge parking lot surrounding it. Japan has a little problem with space so the parking garage is above the warehouse. Pretty cool I think!
SN3A0003I can get pretty much anything I would want from a US Costco including the trademark Costco restaurant area with Pizza and Hotdogs, tire garage, dirt cheap Visio TVs, Kirkland brand foods and goods, and all other kinds of bulk goods.
SN3A0005 Surprisingly enough, Costco in Japan carries every thing there at pretty close the price you would find stuff in the US. Which is the reason why I love picking up beef jerky and sandwich wrap platters there. The best thing about having access to a Costco now is that I don’t  have to ask friends/family to send me stuff from home. Stuff like roll on deodorant (Japan prefers spray which doesn’t work for real men like me), beef jerky, candies, and other odds and ends that would normally not be found in Japanese stores.
 DSC00020 Whenever I visit Costco I always grab a huge slice of supreme pizza and a coke. The food tastes the same and the toppings are loaded on just as generously as they would be in the US. The only big difference between US Costcos and Japanese ones is that Japanese Costcos are a little cleaner and better lit. The aisles are just as wide and goods are stacked on pallets reaching the ceiling. Ahh Costco, I think I love you.
Just recently, I also visited another Costco in Chiba, Japan near Tokyo. It’s much better and less crowded than the Iruma Costco. Plus there are many more large stores nearby like IKEA. Iruma Costco is nice but it’s really crowded due to it being adjacent to a large outlet store that just opened a year ago. I will probably go to the one in Chiba from now on.

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  1. I know you went off on one thing, but I love this blog! It gives a lot of insight into your life!

    <3 Faye