Friday, October 2, 2009

Spending spree!

madcat Well not much of a spending spree really, I just spent a lot of money all at one time. I’m typically a frugal person but I’ve been planning on picking up a new cell phone and coffee table for almost half a year now. Things finally lined up for me and I was able to get both within a couple days of each other.
DSC00004 On Wednesday, better known as my payday as it fell on the last day of the month, I picked up a new kotatsu. I never liked the black plastic one I’ve had since I moved here. It never matched any of the furniture in my apartment and just looked cheap compared to every thing else I own (which are mostly cheap too but they don’t look it.) I plunked down about 8,000 yen for the table which was a pretty fair price as it was 1,000 to 2,000 yen more expensive for similar ones at other large stores in the area and on the internet. Now my white wood finished furniture collection is complete. It really complements my brown carpet and white wallpapered walls well.
DSC00002 On Friday of last week I picked up a couple cute Halloween knicknacks to decorate my room in the Halloween spirit. I found them at my local 100 yen shop and couldn’t resist. The Jack-O-lantern decorations paired with my cinnamon candle really make me feel like it’s fall already. I might pick up some more Halloween stuff since it’s just so cheap. I love Halloween. They look nice under my TV.
DSC00003 I’ve been wanting an aroma pot and a humidifier for a long time now and I finally had a chance to get both at once for a reasonable price. I ordered an aroma diffuser/humidifier machine from Rakuten Japan online for only 2,900 yen. It has like 8 colored lights I can choose from and lasts a whole day without a refill. I love having my room smell nice too. No more need for candles. Aroma therapy for the win!

The last kind of big purchase I made was getting a new cell phone. I’ve had the same one for just over 2 years since I came to Japan. DSC00005 So I was due to get a better one with more features, and more features I got! I changed cell phone providers from AU to DoCoMo, kind of like switching from Verizon to AT&T in the US. I ended up getting lucky and only paying 3,000 yen (non-subsidized) for my new smart phone. It has a touch screen, full featured web browser, music/video player, HD-TV tuner, and a QUERTY keyboard. The reason it was so cheap is that it was gold-pink with a black face. I really don’t care much as it functions just as well as the other colors. Plus, I’ll be covering it with custom stickers anyway, so I’ll rarely see it’s secondary color scheme outside of when I use the keyboard.
I feel up to date having a smart phone, now that I can use it on a Bluetooth/wifi network, and screw around with stuff on the touch screen. It may not be an iPhone or a G1 but it’s just as good and it plays flash video (YouTube video.) So hooray for my really cheap phone!