Friday, November 27, 2009

I got a Christmas tree.

DSC00004 Since I’ll be missing another Christmas back at home, I figured I’d put some money down on a tree to get me in a festive mood.
My room is really small so a full sized tree was never an option, but I think I did a good job considering the space I have to work with. I spent 99 yen on a miniature tree which stands just a little over 20 inches. I spent more on the decorations, about 100 yen for each kind of decoration, the silver star, lights, bells, and bulbs.
In total, I spent about 500 on the tree, which is pretty good as nobody will really see it besides my loyal readers, and Yuko. It looks really nice in the evening and gives a really nice seasonal feel to my room.
DSC00006 I doubt I’ll put any presents around it because I really don’t have any gifts to give to anybody around here besides Yuko. It looks really nice for a 99 yen artificial tree. :)
Oh and by the way, happy Thanksgiving. Today’s post was made on Thanksgiving (Pacific Standard Time.)

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