Monday, November 16, 2009

I’m not fat, I just have an allergic reaction to life that makes me look bloated.

DSC00002After living in Japan for two straight years, I’ve really let myself go. Having a girlfriend that accepts me for the uncivilized caveman I am, and being off the market for so long really made it easy for me to ignore my reflection in the mirror. After some relentless prodding from Yuko, and my own guilt, I decided to do something about it. I bought a workout DVD set.

I ordered the Billy Blanks Taebo Amped DVD workout kit for 900 yen brand new off of The reason it was so cheap is that it was the English version without Japanese subtitles or a dub. I guess that makes sense since most people would probably want to have a workout without having to workout everything in thier heads as far as vocal directions go.

I’m into the third day of trying to work out with the first disc of 4. I am not sure if I could be doing better if my room were adequately sized to accommodate my height for full, unrestricted movement. My body is sore, and I am sweating tons which means it should be working. Hopefully, I will not loose my focus and continue with my workout routine. Even Yuko joins in which makes it even harder for me to not put my foot or arm through a window or my fish tank.

I love my loft bed area but I really am starting to resent it now that I do workouts in my room below it. I’ve knocked my fist across it a couple of times already, forgetting it was there.

Billy Blanks Taebo Amped paired with Yuko’s diet focused recipes should help me get some positive results.

I look forward to seeing some improvement in my weight and health in about a month from now.

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