Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loose some weight fatty!

DSC00001 Since I’ve been off the market for so long, I really got comfortable and let my body go… A LOT. So much to the point that kids at school like to run up and rub my belly and sing the “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” theme song, for massive character damage. I’m not saying the kids are hating on me or even cruel, but since they are kids they are more able to say things the way they really are without sugar coating it like adults would.

DSC00002 So I figured I should add more exercise tools to my growing collection. Billy Blanks is great but my room is too small to do his routines safely and properly, so I’ve put his stuff aside till I move to a bigger place which will most likely be sometime early to mid spring of this year. In the meantime I figured my most problem spot should be focused on as much as possible so I ordered a sit-up bench off Rakuten Japan. It put me back about 3,500 yen after shipping costs but the build quality is pretty good and I can do inclined pushups on it too. I find buying stuff like this online is much better than in stores and I usually only wait a maximum of two days from purchase date which isn’t all that bad. :)

DSC00003 I will probably start running again after I buy a warmer jumper set for winter weather. My windbreaker isn’t keeping warm enough anymore.

I hope I can at least firm my embarrassing gut up before the wedding later this year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one!

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