Monday, February 1, 2010

Second snow of the year

DSC00002 February 1st of all days to have snow. What great timing!
The weather forecast didn’t even anticipate snow, so it was pretty cool to see it falling after so many weeks of getting snow forecasted but never seeing it fall.
I’m always crazy for a little snow in my area since I never saw much of it up close till I started living in Japan. It didn’t snow very much this time but it did snow more than the last snow day in January. It was much colder this time too!
DSC00006 I use my car as a measuring guide to judge how much snow we get in my area. Last time it melted when it hit my car. This time it was cold and fluffy enough to sit on my car. Not quite half an inch, but it sure beats rain!
Much to my disappointment the snow melted away quickly by the morning, and by the afternoon you wouldn’t have even known it snowed a lot the day before unless somebody told you it did.
DSC00007 When I moved into my apartment I always imagined seeing snow build up in my tiny back yard. It finally happened!
I sure hope there is more snow before this winter season ends!