Sunday, March 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Brownie!

 Peanuts Snoopy Lucy Valentines kissI know it’s already the middle of March but I figured late is better than never.
As I may have told some of you before, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan but with a twist. The twist is that Valentine’s Day is primarily for men. Yes, that’s right. Women give men Valentine’s chocolates and other small token gifts of affection.
The most common gift for women to give men are home baked cookies or chocolates. For the past couple of years I have received Valentine’s Day cookies from Yuko and students. This year I got something a little different. I got a big old brownie to myself.
DSC00002 Yuko made the brownie at my apartment. But you may ask, how? I don’t have an oven or anything adequate to make brownies right? Wrong. She made it in my rice cooker of all things! Apparently you can steam bake things in a rice cooker besides rice! It’s pretty cool how she thought outside of the box.
The brownie came out pretty good but a tad on the dry side. It was her first time making one but it really did taste like a regular chocolate brownie with nuts inside. It looked more like a cake but that’s all she could do with a round rice cooker pot.
index A month later, today, March 14th, is White Day in Japan. It’s basically what Valentine’s Day is for people back home in America. I bought Yuko a gift, some makeup she really likes, and took her out for dinner at a cool Yakitori restaurant called Ougiya we like to visit every once in a while.
Hmm, I wonder when my next post will be. Hold onto your seats guys and gals, it may be another month before you see anything else new here!

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  1. great post, can't wait to read the next one :)