Saturday, April 17, 2010

April’s big update.

DSC00001 Hey all five readers out there. I seem to update on nearly a monthly basis as the last time I made a blog post that didn’t have its date stamp altered to reflect when the actual date of the pictures within it were taken. Anyway I have a few big announcements to share with you all.
First off, I will be moving to a newer, much larger home over the first week of May. Yuko and I found a really nice, 8 year old, modern, 2 bedroom, living room-dining-kitchen, apartment in a neighboring town just down the road from where I work. The new apartment can fit about two of my current apartment rooms and then some within it.
The apartment was a really rare find as it didn’t come with all the additional strings attached like the common Japanese apartment would. By strings attached I mean that the actual move-in costs will amount to no more than the first month’s rent plus mandatory renter’s insurance and a 400 dollar cleaning fee. Usually most places expect a security deposit in the form of 2 month’s rent, a thank-you gift to the property owner in the form of 1-2 months rent you do not get back, plus any realtor system fees, and all the insurance and extra fees tacked on in the fine print. This apartment was really straight forward with the initial moving expenses and for its age, it was even more than we could have expected or dreamed for.
Moving into a new place in Japan takes a lot of money to move, most of which you will never get back. The renter’s market in Japan favors the land owners and leaves the renter at the mercy of the person who happens to allow them to live in their property. It’s all a big hairy mess. I am also surprised that they didn’t turn us away because me, a foreigner, will be moving in. Japan still regularly refuses foreigners, regardless of their nationality or salary bracket, service in the home market. It’s really disappointing but I’ve just accepted it as one more of Japan’s dated thinking.
I promise to have pictures of the interior and exterior of the new apartment later this weekend as we will be allowed to do initial inspections and measurements this Saturday afternoon (today.) We need to measure for the new washing machine, refrigerator, bed frame, and sofa we’ll be buying for our new home. I will also add more details about the apartment in the next post too.
Oh man, I am so psyched!
The picture at the beginning of this post was taken from my back yard. It will probably be the last one I take of it before moving. The neighbors put up their carp flags out early in anticipation of children’s day. The flags look really cool during a windy afternoon. But, I doubt I’ll miss them. :)

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  1. Scott,
    I'm so glad that you guys found such a nice place near your work! AND that you won't have to pay all of the extra fees!!!!

    <3 Faye

    P.S. Thanks for mentioning you updated your bog on FB!