Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here’s the new apartment.

DSC00018 As promised, I bring you a follow-up post about the new apartment. We spent about 30 minutes checking stuff and measuring all the rooms for the new furniture and appliances.
One really silly thing about Japanese apartments is that they come completely unfurnished. By unfurnished I don’t mean they don’t give us tables and chairs, I mean that it has nothing there as far as appliances and light fixtures. When you move to any apartment in Japan unless under special circumstances, you will be expected to bring your own ceiling light fixtures, light bulbs, cooking stove, curtains/blinds and refrigerator. Apartments come bare, something that you wouldn’t expect if you came from a long life time of living in apartments in the US. I find this very strange.
DSC00020 The official move in date is May 5th which falls on a national holiday. We lucked out and don’t need to pay any additional move in costs as mentioned in the previous post so we can use the money we “saved” and put it toward buying all the missing appliances and then some. We’ve already found a washing machine/drier unit and refrigerator at our local appliance store. We will have them delivered on move in day.
DSC00019 One of the coolest things about the apartment is that the living room window has a perfect, clear view of Mt. Fuji on a clear weather day. The town I’m moving to also has a much cheaper city tax than the one I currently live in and I can also enroll into Japanese national health insurance without looking forward to a hefty back pay penalty unlike my current city which expects me to pay for the past 2 years I never had it on top of the monthly charge...Another nice thing about it is that the apartment is located in an even more convenient location than my current one and has even more shopping and restaurants nearby. But the best thing about the apartment is that it is within a short bike ride to both of my schools.
The apartment its self is by far the nicest one I’ve lived in yet. It’s spacious for a Japanese apartment, it’s fairly new, comes with two parking spaces included in the rent, and it comes with a keypad door lock.
The kitchen is still dirty from the last tenant as the property owner hasn’t had a cleaning crew come in yet. Every thing will be tidied up for us before we set foot into the apartment again. I can’t wait to move in to a place I can actually call home.
The living/dining room area looking in from the kitchen area.
The kitchen area that’s connected to the living/dining room.
Here’s the bedroom that is connected to the living room. We’ll probably absorb this into the living room as the living/dining area is kind of small. It has tatami floors but we’ll cover them with a custom fit carpet. I hate tatami because they have an odor I am incredibly sensitive to. This room is the same size as the apartment room I lived in when I studied abroad at Gunma University. Now I have a properly sized apartment!
DSC00015 DSC00016
Both sides of the second bedroom. We’ll sleep in this one as the tatami room will be used as an extension of the living room.
I’ll take pictures of the restroom hallway and bath another time. The ones I took were hard to make out as I only took reference shots for measuring where the appliances would go. The restroom is pretty interesting, it has a bidet, seat warmer, and some other functions I’ll never use!

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  1. Scott:

    Great posts, very interesting to learn about Japanese culture, glad that in U.S. you don't have to get the refrigerator & stuff when moving in, can't wait to see your place, glad it has a seat warmer, not sure about the other stuff, thanks for updating your blog. Your place looks great. glad it has a better view of Mt. Fuji. Have a place for me to sleep.

    Love you Mom