Thursday, May 20, 2010

My new sofa.

DSCF0006 I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could sit on a real sofa big enough to seat more than 1 fully grown adult. Now I have that chance. Even Yuko is happy with the new sofa although she prefers sitting in traditional Japanese floor seats. Bleah to that.
DSCF0001 Our new sofa can seat three fully grown adults comfortably plus anybody who may want to sit just on the ottoman. The sofa can be configured to have the ottoman as a fixed part of it or as a freely moving seat. The seats are firm yet comfortable and can be removed and flipped to retain their shape unlike my last hand me down sofa that was made of hard spring and vinyl. I think the best part of the couch is that its made out of a dark brown matte fabric. I won’t stick to the sofa during the summer and it won’t feel that cold during the winter.
The only downside to our sofa is its size. While it’s awesome that it’s big and comfy, it also takes up a quarter of the living room! I guess that’s one thing I can’t change in Japan. Here’s a little factoid for you all; my current living room is as big as my last apartment for size comparison's sake. The loft at the old apartment really helped hide a lot of clutter.
DSCF0005 Considering the cost and build quality of the average Japanese sofa, I think we did really good with our purchase. We were looking at smaller sofas that were even more expensive than the one we got. Plus most stores charge delivery fees on top of the final cost but we bought it online and saved a ton. I’m so content. :D
I am fairly certain this will be the final large piece of furniture we’ll buy for a while. We may get a kitchen table later next month but we really don’t need it. :) Now we can have guests over… I wonder if we ever will though. :(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grand tour of the new apartment

As promised, here are some follow-up shots of the new apartment after unpacking. After living in such a small place for nearly three years, it’s really strange having a place nearly 3 times the size you’ve become accustomed to. I no longer feel claustrophobic in the shower, I can walk about without worrying about banging my head into door frames and I got a separate bedroom from the rest of the distractions of the apartment. It’s really great!
After setting up everything I had plus some extra bits of kitchen furniture and the new fridge, my apartment feels really empty. We’ll be getting the washing machine this weekend, shortly followed by our nice 3 seat sofa+ottoman. Maybe our home will feel more like home after we get those last things.
DSCF0016 I had great timing this morning when I took pictures of my apartment. The skies about Mt. Fuji were unusually clear and I got a nearly perfect shot from my living room window. Can you see Mt. Fuji? I have a nearly unobstructed view of Mt. Fuji from the comfort of my own home. Now that’s pretty cool right?
Everything seems to have worked out fine for the move and I may even get some of my deposit money back from my old apartment because I kept it so clean which is pretty unusual in Japan. :D
Here come the pictures!
DSCF0009Here’s the inside of the front door as seen from the hallway.
A real BED in my BEDROOM! It’s a double.
Yuko’s dressers with my perler beads on top.
My standing shower and Japanese style deep tub. It’s nearly twice as large as my last bath area. Outside of the bath is a new sink and washer area. I can’t take a good shot of those because there’s not a good angle for useful shots there.
My futuristic toilet with seat warmer, bidet, and other features for ladies. It’s like a captain’s chair in Star Trek except not as cool when I think that much about it.
I actually have a kitchen/dining area this time. The gas stove kind of feels like I’m camping though since most Japanese homes run off propane gas. That orange hose really feels like I’m in a science lab. The hose color is the standard color for propane gas. Naural gas has a grey color. Too bad most homes don’t have natural gas in Japan.
My new fridge. The top door opens both ways and the bottom 2 slide out. The middle drawer is the freezer and the bottom is the crisper. Pretty funky but it’s very functional and quiet.
It’s kind of empty since I’m living alone till after we get married. I still dine like a bachelor when Yuko doesn’t cook for me.
Pretty nice space saving idea to have a pull out freezer box. This freezer is larger than my last apartment’s fridge. :)
The living room. It’s kind of bare for now since we don’t have our sofa yet. I’ll take another set of pictures once that comes in. You can also see the kitchen rack I put together. Hanging the doors on that thing was a pain in the butt. Also the living room area used to have sliding doors to separate it from the dining/kitchen area. I put the doors in the bedroom closet. It really opens up the apartment a lot more.
Well that’s it for now. Maybe by next Wednesday I’ll have more pictures of the new sofa and washing machine.