Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another new car.

After a week of driving a cramped, smelly, rental car I finally got my car back. But they gave me a brand new one in its place! :D
Old 2007 model
Old above and new below.
New bleah 2010 model. :(
Exactly 3 years ago, I got my first new car in Japan. I took care of that thing like I actually owned it despite it being a lease. I even became very comfortable with that car and its design but I couldn’t keep it because the lease company only deals in new models. No big loss though as I pay 11,000 yen less a month now for it and it’s new!
DSCF0007  Basically I upgraded from the 2007 year model to the brand new 2010 model. Fundamentally the cars are from the same maker and model but the newer one has a rounder shape a slightly better interior layout.
I’m not a huge fan of the newer “rounder” more aerodynamic exterior design though. I preferred the more boxy like shape of the car I had before.
DSCF0003 The boxy look made it more menacing and masculine. At least I thought so. Now my car has sissy new-age curves… I even lost a little head room in the driver’s seat and the trunk got chopped in half. I also lost my spare tire bay that used to be under the rear passenger seats. Now it’s bolted below the car ( I think). I still haven’t crawled under to confirm this but what good would that car jack be without a spare eh?
DSCF0012 Despite my misgivings about the exterior design changes, it’s basically the same car. It drives about the same and handles just like a box on 4 wheels should. I’m pleased.
If you have time, go ahead and check out the video walk through of the car below.
If you lift up the foam tray you will find absolutely nothing beneath it.
I actually lost a little bit of foot and arm space in the new model.

It's a tiny engine but it has enough power to get the job done.
Here’s the video:
Also, here are a few things I missed in the video:
-My camera was being dumb and cut off the first few seconds of the video. I mentioned how the car is a “wa” number plate which is generally accepted in Japan as a rental car specification. In my case the car is being leased to me so it’s basically mine till I return it. It is also a tad strange because it has Yokohama plates on it instead of Yamanashi, where I live.
-Upon further inspection that white box was not just a pressure gage, it’s also a DC air pump that can be used with the flat repair kit.
-The old model had an onboard spare under the passenger seat space. The new model lost the spare tire space hence why I have the special flat repair kit. I’d still prefer a spare but whatever.
-The new model’s front lights are the biggest change as they are wrap around. I’m not really into that style but the car’s cheap so I guess that’s OK too.

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