Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day two of the hot summer honeymoon sightseeing tour: Matsumoto Castle.

DSCF0007 That rainstorm video was something else wasn’t it? My first ever YouTube submission. I doubt anybody outside of my readers will ever watch it but it is kind of cool that I put something up there.
So on to the second day after the wedding. It was another sweltering hot day but at least this time we didn’t get rained on. On this day I drove my mom and my wife out to Nagano Prefecture, Matsumoto City. It was my first time ever out there so it was really interesting to see new stuff.
DSCF0049 We went to Matsumoto city to see the original castle they have there. Unlike other more well visited castles in Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya; Matsumoto Castle is built to scale (for midgets). It’s cool to see what a real castle looked like inside. It’s pretty Spartan as castles in Japan were used primarily for defensive purposes.
DSCF0066 The whole area around Matsumoto Castle was nice and green and well kept. Pretty par for the course for a land mark in Japan. But one thing that really stood out to me was that it was easy to get to by car and even easier to park there. Maybe it was the day we visited, but that’s how I experienced it.
Here’s some more pictures of Matsumoto Castle. Mouse over the images for more details.
Lots and lots of narrow stairs.
A shot from the top of the castle.
A nice exterior shot from the courtyard.
 Another exterior shot.
Stay tuned for day three of summer traveling in Japan.

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