Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don’t go sightseeing in the middle of summer in Japan!

Gates to a shrine near the lake at Hakone. Hey all my patient readers! Sorry to leave you hanging for so long! I just checked my last entry and it looks like I haven’t written anything for nearly 3 months. That must be the longest stretch I’ve had between entries. Well, I’ve got a few entries full of pictures to make up for that long absence.
As you may or may not already know, I’m now married! I’ve already shown most of you those pictures over facebook so that’s not what I’m going to write about right now. I want to share what I did while my mom visited over the week we got married.
The day after we got married we went to Hakone with Yuko’s parents to see the lake in Hakone near Mt. Fuji. The weather was overcast so we really couldn’t see Mt. Fuji that day but we managed to snap some nice pictures. Oh, and I know that the pictures don’t really show it but it was nasty hot and humid that day! So bad that there was a sudden downpour at the end on the way home.
Move your mouse over the pictures to read my comments.
Here's a pirate ship ferry you can ride around in Hakone.
 Some sort of ninja playground near one of the landings.
One of those silly swan boats you see in anime/manga.
If I had binoculars I could see perfectly into the baths on the top floor. XD
And last but not least, here’s a video of that rain storm I mentioned earlier.
Just a normal summer shower in Japan.
So that’s it for this entry. The next entry will pick up from the day after this one.

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