Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let’s go on a safari…in Japan?!

The drive-through entrance. You could also take a bus  tour if you want to. But what's the point in that?! This was my last day for sightseeing with my mom so we drove over to Shizuoka prefecture to check out a cool place. A place called Fuji Safari Park.
Basically Fuji Safari Park is a drive through zoo. If you live in San Diego, think of the Wild Animal Park but instead of you sitting on a boring train driving around the animals, here we drive through them IN OUR OWN CAR!
Holy s----! Get in the car it's a Lion! Yup, it’s pretty bonkers but it seems to work. It’s not all fun and game there though, some visitors have fallen victim to their own lapse in judgment to hungry animals there. Basically follow the rules by keeping your windows and doors shut at all times and you’re cool.
Derp. So I drove my dinky clown car through the park. It kind of felt like Jurassic park at times because each area is gated off with electrified fences. Maybe they got the idea from that movie, or vice versa. Whatever.
So yeah, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to large wild animals. I want to do it again with Yuko as she couldn’t make it that day due to her work schedule. Next time I’ll try to take even cooler pictures.
For now you’ll just have to check out the ones below.
Seriously, it's just right outside my door.
So close it could swipe our tires out.

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