Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A video tour of our home.

It keeps giving me errors. I think it's gonna die soon. I’ve owned my JVC mini-DV camera since 2001 yet I haven’t used it more than a handful of times. I’m kind of bummed the video quality seems almost on par with my 10 megapixel Fuji Finepix camera. I always thought mini-DV was about 720p but I think I’m mistaken… At least it records in widescreen.
Anyway, I was on video Skype with some of you guys earlier this week and you asked me to make a video. So here’s a video blog entry of my apartment.
It’s not all that big but it’s comfy and in an excellent area considering the prefecture I live in. Maybe next time I’ll mount the camera to my dashboard and do a typical drive video.
If you have any follow up questions after seeing the video or want to see more stuff in detail just leave a message here or wherever you prefer contacting me.
Sorry, this video is now only available to family and friends. Email me for a direct link!
Some notes left out in the video:
Good ol' captain's chair. Access to phasers, photon torpedpes, and core ejection functions.

-I do wash my hands after using the restroom. I just don’t do it in the restroom tank sink because there is nowhere to place soap. Plus, it just splashes all over the seat of the toilet making it look like I am still struggling with toilet training. Yeah, great idea on paper, poor in practice.

I get a camping vibe off of this thing even though this is standard fare for most of Japan. -Our gas stove kind of looks like a science lab bunson burner hose setup doesn’t it?

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