Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ghooooooooooost Busters!

DSC00003 Who are you gonna call? Well, Ghost Busters of course! (The following images can be clicked to reveal their much larger, full sized photos.)
I’ve loved these movies since my childhood and even though I was still in diapers when the first one came out. Last year I bought a movie poster replica of the first movie and this year I came across two of the more unique finds I’ve had while living in Japan. I found original copies of the Japanese movie program.
DSC00004 What’s cool about Japan theaters even to today is that you can buy collector programs of most any movie. These programs hold production notes, story synopsis, and miscellaneous production shots from the movie that sometimes never made it to DVD extras or other collectables that we’d see in the US.
I found these programs scattered about my local recycle shop that I visit every other month. They are in pretty good condition considering they are over 20 years old. Ghost Busters 1 is not as in good shape as Ghost Busters 2 but it’s still a cool find. I picked up Ghostbusters 1 for 100 yen and 2 for 399. I couldn’t resist picking up both as a set. I also found Back to the Future III and a few other miscellaneous movie programs, but they weren’t as interesting to me as the Ghost Busters ones.
DSC00005 The original Ghost Busters program is in full color and the sequel is in an ugly yellow grayscale print. The color of the covers and their content is still as vibrant as it was when they were sold over 20 years ago. I think whoever sold the programs to the recycle shop was a collector of sorts who either came on hard times or just didn’t care anymore about the stuff he/she had.
I’m not sure what to do with them besides put them back in their protective plastic baggies that the store placed them in. I would like to frame them or something but I’m worried I may damage them. I also wonder if these things are even worth any money. Well, it really doesn’t matter as they hold sentimental value for me.
I look forward to my next big discovery at the recycle shop!
DSC00002 DSC00003

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Brownie!

 Peanuts Snoopy Lucy Valentines kissI know it’s already the middle of March but I figured late is better than never.
As I may have told some of you before, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan but with a twist. The twist is that Valentine’s Day is primarily for men. Yes, that’s right. Women give men Valentine’s chocolates and other small token gifts of affection.
The most common gift for women to give men are home baked cookies or chocolates. For the past couple of years I have received Valentine’s Day cookies from Yuko and students. This year I got something a little different. I got a big old brownie to myself.
DSC00002 Yuko made the brownie at my apartment. But you may ask, how? I don’t have an oven or anything adequate to make brownies right? Wrong. She made it in my rice cooker of all things! Apparently you can steam bake things in a rice cooker besides rice! It’s pretty cool how she thought outside of the box.
The brownie came out pretty good but a tad on the dry side. It was her first time making one but it really did taste like a regular chocolate brownie with nuts inside. It looked more like a cake but that’s all she could do with a round rice cooker pot.
index A month later, today, March 14th, is White Day in Japan. It’s basically what Valentine’s Day is for people back home in America. I bought Yuko a gift, some makeup she really likes, and took her out for dinner at a cool Yakitori restaurant called Ougiya we like to visit every once in a while.
Hmm, I wonder when my next post will be. Hold onto your seats guys and gals, it may be another month before you see anything else new here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MORE SNOW! Oh yeah!

kool1 It’s been nearly a month since the last time it snowed here and I had all but pretty much given up any hope that I’d see a snow storm as good as my first one back in 2007. I got a big surprise around 2pm when the rain turned into snow and started piling up on everything in sight.
I haven’t seen it snow like that for a couple of years and I was really excited to see it pile up in my backyard as I imagined it would when I first moved into the place. The snow looked pretty cool all piled up in my back yard… I totally forgot to roll up a snowman back there. Oh well, the kids down the street did.
DSC00008 The snow fell hard and heavy enough to make some tree branches break and strain power lines. I’m really glad that no power lines snapped in my area. Having a cold snowy night without electricity would suck. I’m sure the people on the east coast of the US know what I am talking about…
DSC00004  I have been playing around with settings on my camera and have been trying hard not to use flash, even with night shots. I think my car picture came out pretty well after bumping up the brightness of the picture. It almost looks like day time.
Of course all things must come to an end. The snow stopped sometime during the middle of the night while I was sleeping. I really hoped that it would continue to snow throughout the evening and into the day, but then I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it safely to school.
Here are a few pictures of my block before I drove off for work.
I was even more excited the next morning as it was cold enough that the snow stuck around. Of course it was equally bad because it caused a lot of traffic and made the road a little dangerous for people not expecting so much snow the next day.
DSC00015 My car’s snow tires and my experience driving in poor icy conditions was enough to get me to and from work safely. Yuko was fine too although she had to dig out her car in the morning. She didn’t seem very happy about that.
If it snows again, I will be very surprised and happy. The snow on the 9th was just as unexpected as last month’s snow.