Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yummy slime drinks and Stars

slime[1] Just wanted to make a quick post of what I picked up today.
I know some of my friends out there are curious about the new limited edition Dragon Quest Slime drink out in Japanese stores right now. Well, I picked a few up to try them out. There are only two flavors, orange and blue. They don’t really tell you what they taste like, they just have colors and slimy. They’re not carbonated or regular juice.
The drinks come in thick, heavy, glass bottles. I was expecting these things to be plastic, but I guess they’re collector items so they gotta keep them sturdy. The bottles are also kind of small. Like half the height of a can starting from the neck of the bottle down. It’s going to be interesting trying to drink one.
DSCF0011 I have yet to drink one because they weren’t refrigerated at the store I got them from. I will taste it later tonight probably. Maybe I should vlog it…
I will be sending the other two to Bri since she really wants them. If anybody else wants one, just ask. My local Lawson convenience store sells them. But I’m not sure for how much longer…
DSCF0016 I also picked up Star Ocean 4 for 500 yen. The game was in perfect condition, it was just used. I guess there were a ton of used copies floating around which dragged the used value of the game down a lot. Plus it’s been like 2 years since it was released and there’s a superior version on the PS3 now. Oh well, I will enjoy it for sure. It is in Japanese though, so it may be a little work digging through the story. I’ll be focused on the subtitles for sure!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One more week till we get married.

DSCF0002 I can’t believe it’s almost here so soon. It only feels like I proposed yesterday to Yuko. We’ve been fairly busy over the past month and most of this one preparing for our wedding. As the wedding day comes closer we are rushing to tie up all loose ends in our preparation and planning.
We’ve been diligently working on our slideshow and greetings videos for about a month now. They’re just about finished and I can’t wait to show them to Yuko’s wedding guests soon.
The weather is almost unbearable here. We’re in the middle of a rainy part of the month that comes every year so it’s extra humid and uncomfortable. I am really glad I have a washing machine that dries clothes. Hanging clothes outside would never dry and they’d smell strange because of all the moisture in the air.
I’ve also stopped taking morning showers and now take them before bed. It actually seems to work out well. I’m just as awake and alert even with out a shower. I just wash my face in the morning and I’m ready to go out.
Pictured above, you can see a green rice field. It sure is different from the barren field of dirt we had about a month ago. Things sure do change over the course of a month. Even Mt. Fuji has lost almost all of its snowy cap though you may not see it in today’s picture. Actually, I haven’t seen Mt. Fuji for about 3 weeks. The humidity and constant rainfall help keep the volcano shrouded in a wall of clouds. Hopefully things will clear up in time for my mother. I’m sure she will want to snap some pictures with the digital camera I’m giving to her now that I have a new and better one. :)