Friday, May 27, 2011

A little surprise in the mail

DSCF0001It’s been a long time since I’ve seen or heard from my good friend Monica. We were planning to meet in Tokyo while she was in the country for some volunteer work up north in Ishinomaki with her church but the plans never panned out due to tight schedules and last minute changes in plan.
To my surprise and delight, Monica managed to send me a package full of birthday gifts, wedding presents, and some yummy snacks. Monica also called me up in the afternoon which was really nice to hear a familiar voice on my phone for once. I never use my phone for phone calls. ;_;
DSCF0002Yuko really liked the chocolates and the baby blanket you gave us Monica! I am still working on figuring out what picture I will put in the wedding picture frame you gave us too. I have too many wedding pictures to sort through… Oh and I also am very happy you gave me skittles candy. They happen to be one of my favorite sweets! The Mass Effect 2 game you also packed in there for my birthday will get a lot of play time I assure you.
I am sorry we couldn’t meet up. I really wanted to introduce Yuko to you. Hopefully one day we’ll get to all meet in person. Till then, thanks for the gifts. Maybe expect something small in the mail from us later. :3


  1. I'm so sorry we couldn't meet up! The next time I come to Japan, I'll make sure we can work it out. I'm glad I could send you the package; I'd been wanting to send you something to congradulate you and Yuko on your marriage. :) I was suprised at how quickly it got to you having mailed it from Osaka, to be delivered practically the next day!

  2. No problem! Thanks for everything you've given us. That's more than enough. :) Also, thanks for commenting. It's nice to have feedback.