Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canned beer under 150yen in Japan???

DSCF0001 (2)Since Yuko worked late tonight it was up to me to find dinner for myself. So I decided to go the lazy bachelor route and warm up some frozen Costco pizza slices, a simple salad, and a cheap can of non name brand beer.

The Costco pizza is god-like and makes me crave more but I have to ration it because we don’t have a local Costco. Even though the pizza was frozen and reheated it still tasted better than the stuff Japan passes off as pizza. Not to mention it is tons cheaper than the average Japanese pizza. Of course not all Japanese pizzas are bad, its more the price that gets my goat more than anything else. If I am paying more than 1000 yen for a medium pizza, something’s wrong.

DSCF0004Now for that “Lager Beer” above. So I’m always ready for a challenge when it comes to bargain beers and alcoholic beverages and today was no different. I grabbed a can of Trial brand “Lock-on” Lager Beer. 330ml makes it 20ml lighter than the average national brand canned beer but it didn’t scare me off much when it came in at a tempting 130yen. The average Japanese canned beer goes for 180yen+ depending on where you buy and where you live. So finding a 130 yen BEER, not happoshu (a beer like alcoholic drink)  , was a big surprise for me.

So I paid the 130 yen entry fee and found out its not all that bad. Compared to the similarly priced happoshu  top shelf brands, it is a decent beer. It’s a little bitter but for its price I wouldn’t mind grabbing another sometime soon. In my house variety is king and I am happy I can switch things up for once.

So that’s it for today’s entry. Go budget beer canned in Vietnam and rebranded in Japan for a discount store chain. Open-mouthed smile

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