Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I finally caught up with 6 months+ of missed posts!

th_O-Face_egoraptor-256x256[1]Just a heads up for anybody reading my blog after a long time of not reading it. I added a lot of “new” entries starting from January 2011. I wrote them all this evening but I date tagged them with the approximate dates of when they would have been written if I kept up with my blog.

So my advice to my family and friends is to start reading from the 1st January entry. You can jump there by clicking on the right hand side January 2011 link. From there read up till June and you’ll get all the entries in a chronological order. Or don’t. Smile

OH and one more thing, please comment, click like or whatever at the end of each post if you enjoyed what you read. It’s nice to get feedback even if its just a simple, “that was good”.


  1. Thanks for posting all these, Scott. I really enjoyed reading them. You are going to be wonderful dad!! I'm so happy for you and your lovely wife. Sure wish there was some way to get together, but am very thankful that we can still keep in touch through blogs, and facebook.
    You're doing great!!
    Keep on writing =D

  2. Thanks! I think I found a new motivation for writing. :)
    The new design also breathes a little life into the site too. The old one was a little too sterile and boring. :D