Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We’re having a baby!

Yuko's pregnant April 2011 001I am amazed I stayed quiet about this for so long. We first knew Yuko was showing signs of pregnancy back in early April when we used one of those home pregnancy tests.

This is our first try for a baby and surprisingly it worked on the first try. As of posting this entry, Yuko is 14 weeks pregnant and starting to show quite a belly to rival my own pudgy gut.

Yuko and the baby are healthy and everything seems to be on track for the projected December 12th delivery date. Yuko still has a lot of justified worries of if the baby will make it full term or not. Having babies is a lot like a lottery, you’re really not sure what will happen till its all over.

Baby at 11 Weeks 001We’re doing all we can to keep Yuko and the baby healthy in the meanwhile. Yuko has set limits on where her food and drinks come from and what kind of foods she eats. I am just there for support and follow her directions as best I can. Ever since the March 11th disaster and following nuclear crisis, Yuko and I have been especially on edge about the future of our child. Hopefully all is well.

I have a feeling things will be all right. Yuko has scheduled bi-monthly check-ups at her pregnancy clinic and she doesn’t really do anything that would stress the baby inside her. I just pray our baby is born healthy. I really don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. I am sure I will be happy with either. Smile Then we’ll have 4 other cousins to play with. My sister in-law had a baby girl last year and is expecting another later this year. My birth sister also had a boy a couple of years ago and just had a girl last year. We sure have all been busy!

I can’t believe I’m going to be a father by the end of this year! I really do hope I can be a good father to my child. I want to do my best and be the best husband and father for our child and my wife. Smile

I’ll put up videos and more pictures as they become available.


  1. This put a huge smile on my face when you e-mail announced it. It makes me want to spend more time with my cousins' kids. So many kids now.

  2. Seriously. We're all growing up man. :)