Thursday, July 7, 2011

It’s hot but cooking is fun!

DVC00022Today Yuko and I went to dinner at a self cook restaurant called Dotonbori. We had a few 1/2 price coupons laying around the house so we figured now would be the best time to use them before the weather gets too hot that it wouldn’t be worth it.

DVC00018I got to stir up the Economy sauce (Japanese style pizza pancake thingy) and make some Monja Yaki (some sort of burned cabbage and flour mix that tastes really good). We finished it off with some yummy Yakisoba noodles.



DVC00016It’s really fun to sit down around the hot plate and cook up all sorts of things at Dotonbori. I will miss going there once we have a kid. It would be too hard to keep the kid from touching the hotplate in the center. One of the big downsides to the layout of Dotonbori, everything’s at child’s reach. Oh well, better live it up while we still can. Smile

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