Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our first wedding anniversary dinner

DSCF0018I can’t believe in about 3 days from the time of this post that it will already be 1 year since our wedding ceremony and reception at the Kofu Fujiya Hotel.

We were given a free dinner voucher for our one year anniversary and decided to use it at the teppan-yaki restaurant we went to last year. This time we got a slightly larger steak and more entrees added to our dinner.

DSCF0008Its really cool to watch our dinner be cooked on a large hot plate right in front of us. Under normal circumstances we probably wouldn’t eat at such an expensive restaurant since we are both a very practical and frugal couple. If we were to pay for the whole meal we would have spent well over $100 for just the main course.

We had a yummy shrimp, tomato, and cheese covered in olive dressing for our 1st entrée. Followed up by some really tasty scallops that I usually would pass on since I’m not all that fond of shelled foods. For our main course we had a nice large sirloin steak with wasabi mustard, garlic salt, and soy sauce garnishes. Our meal ended with some garlic fried rice and a small desert.






DSCF0015I wonder when we’ll eat at a nice restaurant like this again. It would be nice to do something like this once a year. Hopefully we can keep this tradition up.


  1. Happy Anniversery Yuko & Scott :0 hard to believe it has been a year already. Glad you got to enjoy the nice dinner.

  2. Thanks mom. Leaving simple comments like this helps me know that people are reading. :)