Thursday, August 18, 2011

I love assembling Ikea furniture!

For me, Ikea furniture is like an Erector Set for adults. I really enjoy putting things together and Ikea furniture gives me the feeling of accomplishment I need.


Since there is an Ikea in Yokohama, we had already planned to stop there on the way back home from Kamakura. We picked up a large Malm chest, Poeng arm chair, and an Expedit shelving unit. The nice thing about the chest was that Yuko’s parents gave us money to buy it along with a baby crib that is not pictured here yet.

After spending about an hour at Ikea we took a quick 4 minute drive down the road to a giant mall in Yokohama called Lala-Port. If we weren’t so tired we would have spent more than a few hours there. I think we ended up spending two anyhow. We bought some clothes for the baby at Baby Gap, a black free fit flex cap for me, and some accessories for Yuko there.


When we got home after a very long 3 hour drive including rest stops and city traffic I decided to assemble all of the furniture. It took me a few hours but in the end I got a chair, chest of drawers, and a shelving unit put together in record time.




The fish tank now has a new home. The potted palm tree has been displaced by the chair and the chest of drawers has squeezed its self into the kitchen. Our house is really cozy now. I think the chair will get a lot of good use out of Yuko once our baby boy is born. For now, I plan to use it for playing games. It’s really comfy!



  1. It looks really nice, much less bare than before. Definitely a cozy, 'home' feel to it.

  2. I just realized I should have said: Man, your place looks ugly and uncomfortable. Better move back to San Diego as soon as possible!

  3. I feel the same too. Ikea has real good stuff. Most of my furniture is from there.

    I would like to ask what is the weight/size of the fish tank. I'm planning of putting a 12 gal. Fluval Edge on it. Wondering if the Expedit 2×2 will hold it for a couple of years.

  4. The tank should fit on the expedit but it may not look all that great. Depending on the shape of the tank and how you stocked it with vegetation. I've since moved to a much smaller tank. Like 2 liters small. I have yet to write about it but I intend to.