Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thunderstorms bring summer relief.

It’s been a crazy summer and I’m only about halfway through. Japan has been hit by multiple flash floods across the country that have caused millions of yen in property damage. Record rain levels have been recorded in just the past few days.

This rain has been a curse for many but a blessing for me. It’s unbearably hot and humid in Japan during the middle of summer and these cold and hot fronts that bring thunderstorms almost daily bring a much needed sudden cool-down. As a matter of fact, as I am typing this entry there is another big thunderstorm outside. Cool!

I decided to hold my camera outside my living room window and film a cool natural daytime light show. It managed to knock out my power momentarily but not long enough to inconvenience me.

Speaking of blackouts, my apartment has blacked out a couple times since these frequent thunderstorms have been hitting. It was so strong a few nights ago that it knocked out the main power switch in my apartment building outdoor lighting/cable/internet box. We probably would have had to wait a day or two for someone to come and check it out just to find out it’s a simple breaker switch that took out the power to our internet/cable TV. I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that one.

Finally onto the the topic of breakers, my safety circuit test breaker is really sensitive and trips often. The breaker shuts off especially when I do something as simple as use more than 2 fans while my dryer is running. Whoever wired my apartment didn’t put each room on a separate circuit like its labeled to be. Somehow my living room/kitchen are one circuit with the heavy power drawing bathroom appliance circuit. Good going electrician.

I might make another video if I have my camera handy again. I wonder if my cell phone camera would be better…


  1. just be careful! I know you will. Sorry Mom comment. Your faithful reader.


  2. Haha don't worry. I take these from my living room window!