Saturday, September 3, 2011

Had dinner with another Californian

DVC00013It’s been a long while since I’ve eaten out at an Izakaya style Japanese restaurant with another non-Japanese person.

We had dinner at a nice, affordable restaurant called Vagabond. I’ve been to Vagabond once before with my wife and remembered it being pretty good. This time around it was even better as the menu system was on an iPod touch. I wish I got a picture of it because it was pretty cool and kept an accurate running total as we ordered things. So high tech! What’s also so great about Vagabond is that everything, including all alcoholic beverages, is 280 yen!

So we ate and drank to our heart’s content and barely broke 4000 yen. It was a great night out and I hope we do it again sometime soon!

Here are a few random things I took pictures of…


The interior had an awesome wrap-around mural in it. It was a lot like that film Spirited Away.

The restaurant served Suntory Black Beer. It’s pretty hard to find a dark beer in Japan. Especially on tap. We gladly had a few rounds of it.


I am not a big fan of grilled fish but the fish we got was pretty darn good. I’d eat it again.


We ordered more than seafood but I only remembered to take pictures of the seafood items. We also ordered some Yakitori, Karaage, and a Caesar salad.



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