Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally! Yakiniku BBQ with my in-law’s.

DVC00005I love barbecue! Not only do I love barbecue, I especially love Japanese style.

Where I come from barbecue means hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and corn on the cob on the grill. In Japan, its thinly sliced beef, pork, chicken, and various vegetables. Another difference in barbecue style differences is that the typical Japanese barbecue uses wood coal instead of briquettes.

One white glove like MJ.DVC00006

I’m not too sure what the difference is but I do know that the Japanese wood charcoal is a lot more messy than the briquette variety. I do think the wood charcoal makes the food taste a little bitter than the briquettes too. I’m not sure which I like the best but I think Japanese style is starting to edge out the good old standby hamburger.

Since spring this year, I’ve been asking when we’d have another barbecue and like clockwork something’s always come up to ruin my barbecue dreams. Well this weekend the stars must have aligned properly because it was the perfect day for a barbecue.


We had mostly strips of marinated beef and some chicken. Once we finished off the meat, we ended with a veggie yakisoba. It was an awesome barbecue. I wish we had more over the summer instead. Oh well, at least I finally got to barbecue. I am not sure when we’ll get to do this again. Now that I have a baby on the way soon, I doubt we’ll be able to manage one anytime soon. Bummer.


  1. Looks delicious. I want to be there!

  2. The meat comes in small pieces but you get to eat so much. Its super yummy. :)