Monday, October 31, 2011

Hiked to the summit of Amariyama in Nirasaki

My attempt at an artsy blocking style.My friend Joel suggested we hike up a trail located on Amariyama in Nirasaki city, Yamanashi. Finding the place was pretty easy to do, especially now that I have a smartphone with GPS navigation software on it. Its really nice to have it just incase.

Anyhow, the drive up to Amariyama’s trail head is kind of long and on a narrow semi-two lane road with open ditches on each side but the hike on foot is less than a half an hour walk.

Here’s a video of part of the drive up. My written description of the road can only explain so much. See it for yourself to understand.

DSCF0024It was a surprise to find that the parking lot at the beginning of the trail was full of full sized tour busses. Its amazing where Japanese will take a bus here. The drivers must have nerves of steel.

Unlike the first hike we took at Shojiko near Mt. Fuji, this hike was MUCH easier. Not only was the trail well marked and paved with wood for most of the way, it was also well groomed. From the parking lot to the “summit” it is a cake walk clocking in at less than 25 minutes.




Even though the hike is very easy its still very rewarding because of the view you are treated with at the end. We were very fortunate to go there on a clear day and were treated with a perfect view of Mt. Fuji and the Nirasaki/Kofu skyline below.





What was really interesting about our hike up Amariyama was that we went there on the same day that a local volunteer trail club was cleaning up the shrubs on the side of the trail. From what we got from a conversation with one of the volunteers, they were clearing the invasive species of grass from choking off the flowers that grow on the side of the trail each year. I can’t remember what species it was but I think I want to come back in the spring and see them if possible.



If weather permits next Saturday, we’ll hike back up Amariyama and take another trail that leads us to an even higher peak about an hour or two away. Hopefully it will be just as clear as it was our first day out.


I love pictures like the one above. Makes it look like we really struggled to make it up there eh? Smile

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