Monday, October 10, 2011

Sega Saturn collection complete?

The-worlds-thinnest-Android-smartphone-NEC-Medias-N-04C-is-selling-in-JapanToday I went to the biggest recycle shop in town, Mandai Shoten with my wife. We went there to sell off our old phones because we just got shiny new NEC Medias Android smart phones for ourselves. While waiting for our phones to be appraised we browsed the store for a while.

After we parted ways in the store I was handed a bingo card for the store’s 7th anniversary customer appreciation celebration. So I got Yuko to grab one for herself and we sat down for some Bingo. Yuko ended up winning a 1000 yen in store gift card and I won nothing. Since Yuko isn’t interested in anything in the store she handed me the gift certificate.


So I walked about the store looking for something to buy with my free cash. I ended up coming across something I had only dreamt of since I was in junior high school. I found a SKELETON SEGA SATURN. One of the rarest Saturn versions outside of the JVC Victor version. I already had the standard Model 2 US black version since I was in junior high and I bought a white one back in 2007 but now I found the holy grail of my Saturn collection.

Not only did I find such a rare Saturn console, it was also priced insanely low. They were selling it for only 1980 yen which happened to be the same price as any other boring old Saturn system there. So I quickly snatched it up and hustled to the checkout counter with my gift card at the ready. I ended up paying only 980 yen out of my own pocket thanks to Yuko’s bingo gift certificate.

DSCF0004After paying for my skeleton Saturn, I found Yuko and we went to check up on the appraisal of our phones. Before we turned our stuff in, we agreed Yuko’s phones would catch a higher price because they were newer and in near perfect condition compared to my worn out phone. We were both wrong, my phone ended up going for 5000 yen even though it was in fair condition and about 2 1/2 years old. We were both shocked and I was excited that I just got 5000 yen for a phone I was going to hand over to DoCoMo for worthless points. The funny thing is that I got that phone for free because of some weird promotion I got lucky with. Also my Medias phone was only 1500 yen because I had a lot of points for not changing phones for over 2 years.

DSCF0008So today ended up being an awesome day. I ended up making money off of something that held no value to me and I found a rare and valuable addition to my game collection. I’m very pleased! Thanks Mandai Shoten and Yuko!


  1. Awesome score! If you ever have any doubt about whether the Skeleton Saturn is cool or not, just look at the top for a reminder! ^.*

  2. Haha! I keep forgetting that's written on the lid of the system.

  3. The 7 lucky gods must have been smiling on you that day. What a great find!

    You'll need your own glass case JUST for your Sega stuff soon ;)

  4. Seriously! I wish I did have a case or something to put all my stuff in. Most of it is out of sight in the shevling of my living room.