Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mt. Sentouboshi (千頭星山) kicked our butts

DSCF0005Today I got to go out on another day hike with Joel. We decided to hit Amariyama again but head out to another summit located at 2100 meters up and about an hour and 45 minutes hike away.


DSCF0001This time around there was much less people around. No more gardening volunteers and no tour busses. The parking lot was nearly empty when we arrived at 9am. It was like a completely different place without all the extra people. Much more serene and picturesque. Smile

DSCF0011We were incredibly fortunate during the whole hike. Not only did we get to go out for another fun day hike, but also the weather behaved the whole time we were there. Even though it was incredibly overcast, it was still possible to see Mt. Fuji clearly nearly the whole way up. This gave great photo opportunities at nearly every vista we reached.


There really isn’t much to write about the actual trail besides that it starts out very easy then goes into jungle undergrowth and goes normal again. We traverse 3 separate ranges before we reach Sentouboshi. The walk most of the time is some really rough and steep uphill walking. This is where we got our butts kicked by the mountain. We really didn’t expect the hike to be so brutal but we still enjoyed every moment we were there.






I figure if it were a clear day like last time we would have even better pictures but I kind of think that the clouds that encircle Mt. Fuji in today’s shots are really neat. So it wasn’t all that bad. It also gave me an opportunity to test out my panorama mode on my digital camera. For my first time I think I did pretty well. I look forward to using it more again sometime.



So that’s all for this week/today’s entry. Enjoy the awesome view. I know we did. Smile


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