Monday, November 21, 2011

My school’s 10th year celebration.

NEC_0009Today was my main elementary school’s 10th year founding anniversary. Most of the schools I have taught at have been at least 100 years or so old so it’s a big treat to be a part of the early history of a school. I’ve been at this particular school for about a fifth of its existence. I hope to spend at least another year there if I can.

I have gained a lot of respect and responsibility over my 3 years at my school and because of that, I was given the duty of manning the video equipment. I am surprised they gave me such an important duty even though I am a non-essential staff member at the school. I guess even the teachers and staff at the school have forgotten I am just an ALT. Smile I won’t hold it against them. I feel very glad they treat me as an equal.


The ceremony its self was kind of uninteresting to me but I did enjoy the parts where the student body sang and played a few songs they spent weeks learning over the past month for today’s event.


After the ceremony ended, we all went outside to release toxic balloons into the atmosphere with short wishes and messages attached to them. It was pretty cool to see all of the balloons fly off toward Mt. Fuji but I felt bad for the people that will have to clean the balloons up where ever they may fall. Hopefully they don’t make it past the mountain range, I’d prefer they didn’t make it to the ocean. Oh well.

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