Thursday, November 10, 2011

TACOS! Home made tacos. ~Squee~ was born and raised in Southern California so it is only natural that I am partial to Mexican food. So it is no surprise that I crave one of the more well known dishes of Mexico, TACOS!

Living in Japan doesn’t make this craving any easier to satisfy. Not only is it expensive to buy fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, and real cheese (not processed), its even harder to find decent flour/corn tortillas. Luckily for me tortillas have been getting easier and easier for me to buy around these parts thanks to huge national supermarkets like Max-Valu and PAX.


I recently found my hookup for my Mexican ingredients, a place called KALDI Coffee Farm. KALDI is an import food and drink shop. They specialize in all things world wide. A little bit from everywhere, especially the US. I can now get a decently priced 12 pack of flour tortillas for under 300 yen. Usually it would cost closer to 500-700 yen for 10. Its still pricey but its easier on the wallet.


My biggest help to my tacos is the best purchase I ever made at Costco. I bought a giant container of taco seasoning about 6 months or so back for about the same price as one serving packet of taco powder. I love you Costco Japan.


Anyhow tonight’s tacos were DEEEE-LICIOUS! I can’t wait to cook some up again. Maybe I can make this a bi-monthly thing. I don’t want to cause my wife to start resenting my food of the gods. Smile


Now to find a reliable local source for corn tortillas…


  1. Shredded mozzarella cheese. Its close enough for me.

  2. yumo, want some of those when I come to Japan :)