Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our first wedding anniversary dinner

DSCF0018I can’t believe in about 3 days from the time of this post that it will already be 1 year since our wedding ceremony and reception at the Kofu Fujiya Hotel.

We were given a free dinner voucher for our one year anniversary and decided to use it at the teppan-yaki restaurant we went to last year. This time we got a slightly larger steak and more entrees added to our dinner.

DSCF0008Its really cool to watch our dinner be cooked on a large hot plate right in front of us. Under normal circumstances we probably wouldn’t eat at such an expensive restaurant since we are both a very practical and frugal couple. If we were to pay for the whole meal we would have spent well over $100 for just the main course.

We had a yummy shrimp, tomato, and cheese covered in olive dressing for our 1st entrĂ©e. Followed up by some really tasty scallops that I usually would pass on since I’m not all that fond of shelled foods. For our main course we had a nice large sirloin steak with wasabi mustard, garlic salt, and soy sauce garnishes. Our meal ended with some garlic fried rice and a small desert.






DSCF0015I wonder when we’ll eat at a nice restaurant like this again. It would be nice to do something like this once a year. Hopefully we can keep this tradition up.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dang I just got a $600 watch for free.

PRW-5000T-7ER[1]My father in-law's friend happens to work for Casio Japan and likes me enough that he surprised me with a huge gift last weekend. He gave me a Casio ProTek 5114 series wrist watch.

In the past, I’ve never quite cared for wearing accessories or jewelry but I can’t resist a gift this grand. Gosh, I’ve never bought any article of clothing or accessory so expensive before. Receiving something like this is just mind blowing.

Its a little big for my scrawny wrist as I had to take out an extra link from the wrist band and its still kind of wonky but I like it.

The watch has a ton of features I’ll never use but I really like that it has a barometer that can predict weather patterns and take temperature readings. I also like that the watch is radio set and solar powered. So cool.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay him for this but I will make sure to never forget his kindness.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It’s hot but cooking is fun!

DVC00022Today Yuko and I went to dinner at a self cook restaurant called Dotonbori. We had a few 1/2 price coupons laying around the house so we figured now would be the best time to use them before the weather gets too hot that it wouldn’t be worth it.

DVC00018I got to stir up the Economy sauce (Japanese style pizza pancake thingy) and make some Monja Yaki (some sort of burned cabbage and flour mix that tastes really good). We finished it off with some yummy Yakisoba noodles.



DVC00016It’s really fun to sit down around the hot plate and cook up all sorts of things at Dotonbori. I will miss going there once we have a kid. It would be too hard to keep the kid from touching the hotplate in the center. One of the big downsides to the layout of Dotonbori, everything’s at child’s reach. Oh well, better live it up while we still can. Smile

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A blast from the past

DSCF0003I love carbonated drinks. I have all my life but when I was a kid, I didn’t get it as much as I probably wanted to. Probably for the best though as I never had any real trouble with my teeth. Thanks mom.

Of all the things I could find in a Japanese soda fridge, I found a chilled bottle of Mello Yello. I think this stuff was discontinued early in my childhood so I really can’t remember how the stuff tasted. So I was pretty happy to come across it and bought it for 98 yen without a second thought.

I just had my first taste of Mello Yello after a long time and I really like it. I hope it stays out on the market permanently. I think I found a serious competitor for my favorite soda MTN Dew.

Here’s the recently released Japanese commercial for Mello Yello. I think it’s perfect and doesn’t grate me with over the top annoyances like overused pop idols or boring school uniform clad teens gulping it down overdramatically. Here’s the video…