Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Driving in the snow to work

I took a 9 minute video of my commute to work in today’s snow storm. I figured some of you guys out there might want to see what its like to drive on the other side of the road… in the snow.

Like I mentioned in the post I uploaded earlier today, my area doesn’t get snow all that often. Most areas of Japan that receive little to no snow fall during the winter have many drivers who don’t change their tires to snow tires. My area is very close to mountain areas that do get a lot of snow so I got snow tires with my car. When driving on snow days like the one today, you will find the traffic slows down to a crawl due to stalling cars and minor accidents due to slipping on regular weather tires.

During the video I comment about driving conditions and an accident I noticed along the way. I know it causes a lot of trouble, but I really hope it snows just one more time before April. That would be nice.

Anyhow, enjoy the video and my commentary.

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