Thursday, February 16, 2012

KFC Double-Down hits Japan

DSCF0033After years of not living in the US and salivating over videos on YouTube heralding the awesomeness of the bun-less chicken sandwich that goes by the name of double-down. At last, I finally got one of my own to try.

I love to eat! I am always looking for new and bizarre foods to try and the double-down satisfies all those criteria and more.

Much to my delight and surprise, my wife came home a few nights ago with a bag containing two double-downs. I wasn’t expecting much but I was a little disappointed they were smaller than I imagined. By Japanese standards they’re not all that small but I guess my imagination got the best of me and turned it into some giant chicken meat burger when its not much bigger than a big-mac in reality.

DSCF0034Anyhow I bit into the double-down with the ferocity of a wild animal and found it to be quite delicious. The combination of chicken breast and bacon paired with melted cheese in the center just hit the spot for me.

The meaty goodness has turned me into a believer. It may not look good but trust me, its delicious. Alas, its not healthy at all and I don’t expect to have it very often but I sure do hope it remains a permanent menu item in Japan. Its cheaper than a Japanese KFC 2pc chicken meal and tons tastier. A much bigger value for your yen if you ask me. I think the biggest reason I am not too fond of KFC in Japan is that they only serve original recipe. No crispy, and crispy is what I like. Come on KFC Japan, get some variety!

So the double-down is a win in my book. I look forward to chowing down on another soon.

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  1. Even though that monster is readily available here, I've never tried it. I dunno, not really into chicken with melted cheese.

    Must be nice to be so fearless! :D