Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day! Finally.

DSCF0001After what seemed like a ton fruitless forecasts for snow that ended up bringing freezing rain or sunny days, I finally got my snow day.

It doesn’t really snow much where I live. Over the past four years of living here I’ve only seen it snow once or twice on average, sometimes as much as four times in one season.

This year was different though, it hasn’t even snowed once. Sure we’d get about an hour of sleet but it was never that fluffy sticky stuff that piles up to make the snow I want and have come to get used to over the past few years. Well, today my wish was granted. Not only did today’s forecast not even mention snow for my area, it was supposed to be clearing up from a light drizzle by around the time I took this picture and video.

DSCF0002Suffice to say, I am very excited as I hurriedly type out this entry before work. I have to drive in this awesome stuff but I am not too worried, I have plenty of experience from working in the mountains a few years back. I have snow tires that rarely get any use now but I am glad I didn’t cheap out and change them out myself every winter season. I think most of my neighbors don’t even have them. Hopefully for their sakes the road doesn’t slick too much for them, a lot of those cars look to be front wheel drive.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will snow enough to play in it at school with the kids today during lunch recess. That would be neat. I am sure the kids are just as stoked as I am!

I’m so psyched I even shot a short video to commemorate this special day.

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