Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Asahi Super “Dry Black” and Mugi to Hop (Happoshu) Kuro “Beer” tasting

DSCF0001I’m back on the wagon as of late so to speak. Since I’ve been drinking a lot more recently due to seasonal parties that happen at the end of March and early April in Japan, I figured I would try out some new products for my blog.

I’m a real sucker when it comes to dark or tan beer so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out Asahi’s Dry Black (not to be mistaken with their god-like Kuronama) as well as a Japan-only Happoshu class beer drink called Mugitohop Kuro (black) as well.

I will admit up front that I am not an Asahi fan although I do hold their very rare Kuronama brand in high regard and would buy it if it were more readily available. Alas, the inferior CANNED Super-Dry label is served everywhere and I’ve just had too much of it to like it anymore. I do admit that it does taste much better fresh on tap though. You can say I’m a little burnt out on it as well as I think the beer is a bit too dry for my tastes. I always get thirsty after having an Asahi and their new Black beer is no different and experience.

DSCF0002To disappointment, I found Asahi’s Black brand to be incredibly bland and lacking any of the true characteristics of a true dark beer. I was really hoping it would be closer to kuro-nama but I was way wrong, it was nothing at all like it. Sad smile  It was just like the standard version of Super Dry except that it was a tad thicker (not too noticeably so) as well as it being dark. The only thing black going for it is the color of the liquid and the can. It is nowhere close to being a Guinness or even just a standard black-tan beer. Oh well at least it didn’t cost me any more than a regular can of beer at 187 yen.

DSCF0005The real shocker of the night came from the Mugitohop Black beer taste drink. As I’ve gone into this topic before, happoshu isn’t beer but it may look, smell, and possibly taste like one. In today’s case it passed all 3 and I found it to be incredibly drinkable compared to the Asahi black of all things which was supposed to be the real beer of all things. Go figure. Coming in at a pitiful 105 yen a can, the Mugitohop completely spanked Japan’s #1 brand beer in my opinion. I’d say go get one if you are strapped for cash or are feeling a bit adventurous.


King of Happoshu

I am not sure how long either beer will last on the market. Stuff like this is usually limited to a season or a few months before its yanked from the shelves for good. I’d like the black version of Mugitohop to stay around though. It’s the first happoshu I’ve drank ever. I would be willing to buy another or even a 6 pack sometime to get my cheap drink on.

I think the reason why Mugitohop Kuro won out was that it is made by Sapporo, my favorite Japanese beer label. I like the regular Sapporo black label beer as well as their expensive Yebisu spinoff. So it probably is no surprise they got Mugitohop Kuro so right. Kudos to you Sapporo!

Mugitohop Kuro gets the Upsidedown Fuji Seal of Approval! Sorry Asahi, keep trying…


  1. nice idea.. thanks for posting..

  2. Thanks for commenting. I have written a few more beer impressions since but I find myself coming back for Mugi to Hop Kuro. I really like the stuff. Of course if regular beers were cheaper, I'd go for real beer but whatever. :)