Friday, May 25, 2012

Kirin Stout beer

DSCF0153I love my dark beers and I especially like them when they are affordable. Kirin Stout beer is not too hard to find and is sold at major nation wide supermarket chains like Max-Valu and Ogino.

Depending on where you shop you may find it for about 10 yen more than your standard can of Asahi Super Dull Dry at 197 yen a 350ml can. That additional 10 yen makes all the difference in my book. I think other customers agree with my line of thinking as it always seems that the Kirin Black sells well. Or maybe there are a few other foriegners like myself who like variety in their beers.

Whenever I find Kirin Stout I usually buy it even if cheaper alternatives are availible. If my memory serves me correct, Kirin Stout is a bit lighter than most other stouts/dark beers I’ve had but it tastes alright for what it is. It has a trademark dark brown color to it with a nice frothy carmel colored head to it. It kind of reminds me of root beer a little. Not the taste but how it looks in a glass.


I’ve never seen it in a longneck bottle. 考え中

Kirin Stout has a nice light yet sweet taste about it. It doesn’t have the heaviness of Guniess but its also not watered down gulpable like a standard Japanese beer. It is smooth though. I suppose you could chug it if you want… I don’t anymore as most of my canned beer drinking is done alone. 悲しい

Kirin Stout is good enough for what it trys to be as it is usually the only black beer on the shelf at most stores I go to. Even with recent competition from Asahi Dry Bleacgh Black, Kirin Stout isn’t in any danger of its unrivaled position.

Of course stout beers are best from the tap but I have yet to find Kirin Stout on tap in my area although I have seen Suntory’s Premium Black at my local izakaya which I may talk about in a later entry. It is pretty good… Since I can’t always head into a bar for a good stout, have to settle with getting my darker beers where and whenever I can which is usually in a can.

Living in Japan for this long made me forget what makes a good beer or at least what I used to think made beers taste good. I’ve had so much of the samey samey bitter Japanese beers that I may be off the mark when it comes to my delight in drinking Kirin Stout. It may just be the variety Kirin provides me that gives them higher marks. Oh whatever, at least I’m enjoying it. スマイル

For furter information in Japanese you can check out Kirin’s official Stout website HERE.


  1. Kirin Stout is my favorite of the Japanese dark beers. By-the-way, I stumbled opon your blog by accident (while searching the web for pictures of Yamanashi)and found your blog thourghly entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for your readership. I don't get comments very often but when I do it makes writing here a lot more worth while.

    I am glad I'm not the only one who likes Kirin Stout. It is pretty good stuff. :)

  3. I just arrived back from Japan, i could only fit 3 cans of this wonderful beer in my suitcase. My online search for more has lead me to this cool write up on Kirin Black Stout! I first tasted this beer in Japan 2009 but never could have it again until last month when i gulped 3 cans down with dinner! Im in Melbourne Australia, if any one can tell me where to find it i would be very grateful! I still have one can in my refrigerator that i wont open until i can find it again! I would rather look at it all summer long than loose it haha!

  4. Hi Jason,

    Yeah it's really good stuff. It's my main goto stout because of its smoothness and affordability factor.

    I am not sure how you could get some in Australia this beer seems to be Japan only. I did a very brief google search and came up nothing online outside of Japan and a guy who sold the cans without the actual beer inside on eBay...

    Maybe you could petition Kirin breweries in Australia to sell it there. I bet it would sell well enough. :) That or ask a friend to carry some back if they ever go to Japan. Sorry I couldn't really help much. :(