Friday, September 7, 2012

Now we can fry anything up like a boss

2012-09-06 17.25.36

After a year or so of begging my wife to buy an electric deep fryer, we finally got one. We actually found one kind of cheap on which made the decision a lot easier.

One thing that we usually don’t eat at home are fried foods because we, well… it’s really me, don’t like cleaning up grease splatters and the mess that comes with frying in a pan. I also was heavily inspired to buy one because of Cult-Moo’s YouTube program Deep Fried What?


We bought a few pre battered frozen foods like chicken karaage, squid rings, and French fries to break in the new fryer. For the most part, it was a success! We enjoyed a nice unhealthy smorgasbord of fried goodies. A few days later my wife made pork katsu on her own with great success.

DSCF0008 DSCF0009

We plan to make kushiage with it soon as well. It will save us some money by making it ourselves instead of having to go to a restaurant or izakaya for it. Neat!

When we get more confident in frying up stuff we’ll just bread and batter everything ourselves. Eventually I want to use it to make something a bit more creative like taquitos or even a deep fried Snickers candy bar. For now, we’ll use it for more conventional things.


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