Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yebisu Stout Creamy Top Beer

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I like Sapporo and I especially like their premium label Yebisu. So when I saw that Yebisu made yet another dark beer I had to try it out.

Like with all Yebisu products, Creamy Top is getting into restaurant price territory. One can commands a hefty toll of 258 yen or more depending on where you buy it. I was a bit more fortunate and found a 3 pack with a commemorative pack in glass for 589 yen. 196 yen for a can of Yebisu or even a dark beer is acceptable, plus I couldn’t resist a nice free beer glass. I even bought a second 3 pack so I could have a matching pair of glasses if I ever have a guest over who wanted to drink with me… Probably never going to be used. Sad smile


I couldn’t drink it right away though. I had to restrain my thirst and let the cans and glass chill in my fridge overnight. This wasn’t all that bad because I haven’t had a beer in frozen glass at home since I left the US 5 years back. Also, the directions on the box recommended I pour and serve the beer a certain way so I decided to go along with it.


From the illustraitions and directions on the back of the box and cans, Yebisu Creamy Top recommends that I pour straight into the glass to let the head build up. It really does expand fast in the glass that way and I found that I had to waste precious minutes letting the head go back down to a level where I could finally top off the glass. One whole can will fit in the glass but by the time it’s in, the glass is no longer frosted… Well at least in my hot apartment with the AC on it still couldn’t survive. It really sucks that I can’t get the glass to stay cool because there’s nothing like a nice cool beer to hit the spot.


The beer has a nice dark brown color with a nice caramel colored head on top. It gave off a nice light aroma of dark chocolate or a sweetened coffee. It tasted a lot like a lighter Guinness to me at first sip. The beer left a pretty decent after taste as well. While I really enjoyed it, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again unless I can find it as cheap as I did in the 3 pack. At it’s regular price it’s probably smarter just to go for the real thing and buy a Guinness. I know I would.

Still, if you find one and you’re just as curious to try a new Japanese beer, get one. I think you’ll find it a pleasant enough experience. It’s a limited release so they may be gone from shelves by the time you read this. Oh well, just grab a Kuronama or a Kirin Stout and save yourself a few yen if you don’t want to go the full price of a Guinness.


  1. Scott, I just tried a Suntory Premium Malts Black Beer and it's [IMO] better than Creamy Top. I found the Suntory Black at an Aeon store in Kurihama (Kanagawa Prefecture) and having not seen it before bought two and after trying one I'm sure I'll be going back for more. Have a nice day!

  2. I just noticed the Suntory Black as well. I had a feeling it would be pretty decent. I'll have to try that out soon. Thanks for the tip. :D