Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pepsi Energy Cola


I generally write about beers and nature stuff I come across wandering about Japan. Today I came across something I haven’t seen before in the convenience store so I figured why not write about it. When I lived in the US, I was pretty big into energy drinks. It may be a reason for a couple of pounds on my body I’ve yet to lose.

I’ve written before about Monster Energy earlier this year and I was pretty excited to find it, even if it was in a much, smaller, more expensive can. Pepsi Energy Cola comes in an equally small can, just like you’d find in a common Red Bull can. The exterior of the can kind of caught my eye with the Darth Vader mask and red light saber strip along the side of the can. I love novelty items, especially Star Wars themed ones, so I couldn’t resist picking this one up. The tag line on the side and front of the can reads “Give yourself to the dark side.” I found that to be pretty funny and the final reason to why I should give it a chance.


Pepsi Energy Cola set me back a whopping 200 yen. To put it in a bit of perspective, you can buy a can of beer or 2 hamburgers at McDonald’s for that much. So it’s not something I find myself buying all that often, although I do enjoy colas.


Ok, now onto what the actual drink is like. When I opened the can I could smell a strong, almost licorice like smell. I poured it into a glass to see how dark it really was. The stuff is as dark as dark colas can get. The most interesting part of the appearance of the cola poured out is that it doesn’t have much carbonation in it as it went completely flat once it hit air. My first sip of the drink was a mix of sensations, mostly good. The drink reminds me a lot of a Red bull or similar energy drink. It has a very citrus like after taste and it really didn’t have much of a cola taste at all. It was like a black Red Bull to me.

It tasted, alright, but it was a bit strong for my liking. It really did get me wired though, although it might have been more to do with me drinking it on an empty stomach. It wasn’t bad but I don’t see myself grabbing another one. If I need an energy fix, I’ll go for a Monster or Red Bull if need be, which is almost never. So there you have it, Pepsi Energy Cola. It’s OK but I’m not sure it’s worth it’s price, but I guess I could say that about pretty much anything I buy in Japan, especially from convenience stores.

If you want to see the can up close and hear my droning voice, here’s a Youtube link to a video I made with my first taste impressions. It’s pretty much what I wrote here, but hey, check it out anyway. Make me feel good when I see the hit stats in my dashboard. Smile

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