Saturday, December 15, 2012

I won a mail-in contest for Sapporo’s Mugi to Hop Aka (Red)


I usually ignore mail in campaigns as I am too lazy to fill out the card and buy a stamp to stick on it. But a couple months back I figured it was worth a shot so I mailed one of the postcards affixed to a 6-pack of Mugi to Hop Kuro back in October if I remember correctly. If I remember correctly, on the mail-in postcard I could choose which version of  Mugi to Hop I wanted, so I chose Red as I never saw it for sale in my region before.

Well, now it’s the middle of December and to my surprise I got an unexpected express delivery package from Sapporo Beer’s sweepstakes fulfillment department this morning. I just won a 6-pack of Mugi to Hop Red! What a great surprise Christmas gift for such a loyal fan of the Sapporo brand.


I doubt Sapporo’s marketing division actually has ever read or cares about my blog, but it’s nice to get something back for supporting a brand that get’s it right. The box was shipped as pictured above, no wrapping or extra box around it. I give Sapporo props for not using wasteful packaging as is common with most things here in Japan. It was the size of a 6-pack and had 6 cans of Red inside. It also had a nice letter congratulating me on winning. On the outside of the box there’s a cutout of a Christmas tree you can decorate you home with if you don’t have a tree I guess. I don’t plan to cut it out but it’s a nice gesture. Overall, it’s a pretty neat box.

So, why is this so special? Well, besides the fact that I actually won something for once, they sent me their Red version. I’ve found great satisfaction in their emulation of beer in their regular Mugi to Hop and Kuro brands but I never could find a liquor store that carried the Red variant. I love all beers, especially Red ones and I was always curious what a Red style happoshu would taste like. Unfortunately the tasting will come in a later entry if I remember to write something about it. For now, we’ll have to wait till I drink the cans on Christmas Eve with my in-laws at their Christmas party. I’m hoping for the best. So far Sapporo has delivered in spades with this particular brand. I expect the same with the Red as well.


  1. Awesome! It's great that you won something you really wanted!

  2. Yeah totally! Now if only I could win some electronics... Free TVs and computers are cool too. :)