Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!


Wow! Another year in Japan has come and gone so fast! This year we’re having a very quiet and low key Christmas at home with my immediate family. I wish I could go meet my family back in the US but at least we’ve got Skype and modern technology for times like this. I’m just glad we’re not the Griswolds. Winking smile

Over the past year, I’ve seen my blog turn into more of a beer blog which is neither good or bad, its just been kind of a slow year for nature stuff since my hiking friend moved away. I’ve picked up a few new friends since then but we don’t meet as often as I’d like.

As for 2012, it’s been kind of a crummy year for international stability, finance, and politics. I won’t go much into that because there are much better blogs for that kind of topic, but I must admit that 2012 must have seemed like all the pieces were falling together for a worldwide apocalyptic event if anyone actually bought into all that Mayan calendar nonsense. My writing of this very blog entry is proof enough that it was all for nothing although it was kind of fun, in a dark way, to imagine what if it actually did happen. Well, I guess that’s that. No one knows when the world will end, and that’s the way it should be. Smile

Here’s to an internationally safer, more politically responsible year for 2013 and hopefully more success in finding a better job to help my family have a bit more breathing room financially. Thank you all for your readership even if you aren’t commenting, I can tell by the page hits that I have a pretty solid base of readers and for that I am very grateful.  May this blog have more interesting things on it in 2013 for you all.

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