Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sapporo Fuyu Monogatari (Winter Tale)


Sapporo has released their winter season brand beer and being a Sapporo beer fan, I couldn't resist. The can's design and label don't describe what kind of beer it is emulating as opposed to what is usually done by its name or any of the subscript below the label. So I went into this kind of in the dark not knowing what exactly to expect. Sometimes that is a good thing though.


My idea of a winter brew is heavily influenced by beers like Samuel Addams. I was expecting a somewhat sweet and creamy beer that is best for drinking on its own before or after dinner but not with it. Fuuyu Monogatari didn't seem to be either sweet or creamy (not that it was advertised as such either) but it did come with .5% more alcohol per volume than other beers. It poured light and didn't have much of a head to it. There is little to no aroma to it and what I could smell was indescribable. It just kind of smelled like beer although it reminded me a lot of a dai-san/happoshu beer. The taste was light and watery… Overall kind of forgettable. I suppose one good thing about Fuyu Monogatari was that it was smooth and went down easy enough but it didn't have any notable aftertaste that convinced me I should buy another can.


I wouldn't go as far as saying Fuyu Monogatari is bad but for something labeled as limited I was expecting more and it falls quite short of its grand namesake. I mean, if Sapporo can do a good job with their Mugi to Hop Kuro which isn't even a real beer, why can't they do a good job with Fuyu Monogatari which is a real beer? It really appears to me as if this was more of just a cash-in by using a unique can design rather than putting a true effort into something that could be good. At least it was being sold at the same price as regular year round beers. It just didn’t click with me when I tried it. Maybe I’ll give it another shot later but as it stands right now, I think I will pass on it for other drinks. Good luck next time Sapporo. I still love Yebisu and your regular gold star label.:)

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